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Allie Walker

“Growing up, I realized racism is still very prevalent when I moved from an area rich in cultural diversity to a rural area where I felt and looked different. I continued to experience racism through college and an internship, which motivated me to take a leadership role in my college’s diversity efforts. I still have the passion today to continue educating the world and build-up black women of all shades.”

The Story

Allie Walker, an entrepreneur who is on a mission to empower black women, has partnered with Orlando-based studio BGI Studios to launch a The Black Queen Project, which includes a 10,000 set of NFTs showcasing that all black women are queens regardless of their skin tone, shape, or size. A native of Maryland who moved to rural upstate New York at 7-years-old, Allie's childhood and early adulthood was an eye-opening experience of racism, sexism, and lack of diversity. She has turned her focus to bringing her vision for The Black Queen Project, powered by the Royalty Collective, celebrating her heritage to life.  


The Black Queen art collection is based on Keisha, a powerful woman representative of the black female community, with an algorithm developed by NamePress to create thousands of variations with different hair, accessories, lip textures, and more. Developed with the power of A.I., 10,000 Keisha variations will feature the attributes of black women across the globe. 

The Black Queen Project is just the latest of Walker’s efforts to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. After noticing the lack of black and brown student enrollment at her college, Walker sought ways to create exclusivity and attract more students of color to the college. She served on the school’s Diversity Task Force, became president of the Multicultural Club, and worked as the office manager for the Multicultural Affairs Office. Despite an internship with a racist boss, she persevered to complete her Bachelor’s Degree, eventually going on to earn her Master’s Degree. She received the Graduate of the Decade award from her alma mater for entrepreneurship and community involvement, and today sits on the Florida State University steering committee to develop a curriculum for future entrepreneurs. 

In addition to the physical art, we will be launching an essential oil line, merch store, podcast series, a foundation, 10,000 NFT set, and a mindful headspace app to support mental health and well-being. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to grow Black Queens. Let's connect.

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